jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014


DETROIT PLACE-DATING WORKSHOP!! "Emerging collectives" es un estudio compuesto por diez estudiantes de arquitectura y coordinado por Ana Morcillo. Como la arquitectura puede mejorar.....

Jakkrit + Megan + Zainab with Gloria Lowe, founder of We want Green Too 

.... la comunidad? como la comunidad puede mejorar nuestras propuestas? // 

How does the design engage community? How can the community improve design? "Emerging Collectives" is a studio composed by ten students of architecture and coordinated by Ana Morcillo Pallares at Taubman College School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. Our studio task is to zoom in on the area of Milwaukee Junction in the city of Detroit to propose ideas through the lens of place-making initiatives. Our first step has been a workshop between neighbors, community leaders and students to get a better understanding of the real needs of the neighborhood and the city. (Fall 2014)

Andres + Sydney with Roger (North End resident)

Tafhim + Chris with Ulysses and Travis (Detroit residents)

Gaurav + Momo with Ulysses and Travis (Detroit residents)

Red Door Gallery!


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